Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on idler controls.



Do Weldtron idlers use any external reed switches or current transformers to sense the use of power?

My Weldtron-57 idler quits working after about 20 seconds and then won't operate again.  If I turn the machine off for awhile and then start it again, the system works for about another 20 seconds and then quits again.  What causes that?

My Weldtron-57 idler has been working great for about a year and now it won't pick-up on striking an arc.  It's OK when using the grinder but won't sense the striking of an arc.  What's the problem?

I have installed one of your idlers with the internal sensor and it worked great.  Now, when I plug in my old fashioned Cable brand remote amperage control the machine won't idle down.  Why?

I have an old Lincoln with a R-57 vacuum idler that is in good operational shape and would like to buy the Linc-III upgrade module.  Now, I understand that the Linc-III is discontinued.  I don't want to install a whole new system until my R-57 needs replacement.  What can I do?