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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about remote amperage controllers

I am changing machines.  Can I move my Pipeliner to my new machine?

What gauge wiring should I wire the Pipeliner system into my machine?

I already have a Miller, Lincoln factory (or Cable's) remote control installed and want to install the Pipeliner.  Do I have to remove or modify these other remote control systems in order to use the Pipeliner?

Why does rain ,or water, effect the Pipeliner remote control?

I lost control of my machine.  It runs hot all of the time and I can't control the machine amperage with the local fine control rheostat.

  1. Remove the extension cord and remote hand control from the machine.  If you still cannot control the machine by it's fine control rheostat the circuit board in the machine is at fault.  If this proves true you can verify the defective board by removing any one of the two wires from the machine rheostat connections to the Pipeliner machine board.  If the problem goes away, you have positively confirmed that the board is defective.

  2. If step 1 is passed then plug the remote hand control directly into the remote receptacle.  DO NOT USE THE EXTENSION CORD!  Test the machine once again.  If you have control of the machine by the remote hand control THE EXTENSION CORD has a problem and has to be repaired or replaced.

In an emergency how can I disable the Pipeliner remote control from my machine so that I can weld until it is repaired?

I plugged my Pipeliner remote hand control into a standard electrical outlet.  Is it damaged?

Does the hand control unit for the Pipeliner get hot?

Why does a GFI receptacle not work with a SA-200 or Classic-I machine?

Can I use the extension cord used for my remote control as a standard extension cord when the Pipeliner remote hand control is not being used?

Can my Pipeliner hand control be used on any machine that has a Pipeliner remote control installed.  For example, a Miller Big-40, a SA-200 and then a Classic III?